Sir Dudley Tuti College is online for 2013!

We are delighted to announce that the College is now online, and equipped for technology-enhanced education, after the installation of a solar-powered satellite Internet and Wi-Fi system funded by the European Union RAMP programme.

View of the system installed in the new classroom block

View of the system installed in the new classroom

The project is managed by Isabel Education Division and the installation, training and support by Solomon Islands Rural Link. We hope that the Internet access will benefit students, who will learn how to access information and how to research assignments using the Internet, and teachers who can access educational resources for teaching purposes and for professional development.

The VSAT dish

The VSAT dish

We hope it will also benefit the nearby communities, improving communications and access to information and services, improve efficiency of school administration and add new dimensions to teaching and learning.

Installing the solar panels

Installing the solar panels


Teachers during e-literacy training

The Wi-Fi provides wireless access to the classrooms, offices and staff houses.

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11 Responses to Sir Dudley Tuti College is online for 2013!

  1. emanta543 says:

    Its good to see something new happening congratulations sir dudley tuti college. Now we can see you on line. Keep us posted.

  2. Desmond Waita says:

    Too Good principal, staff and students of sir Duddley Tuti College. Congratulations on your fine achievments.

  3. Pedical says:

    Make sure monitor the trafficing…No gud student goin into Porn sites and end up olsem oketa lo Betikama act inside class ia

    • All the sites that we believe not good for students are blocked. Mi fala believe that our webmaster and IT manager will do their parts on putting up a good surviliance..Thanks for the comment.


  4. Hugo manehu says:

    Congratulation Tuti College, Please keep us update.

  5. Congratulation to the Principal and his staff for this milestone, linking to the global community. Will visit Kamaosi later in the year and hope to see you all.

    • John Kabu says:

      Thank you Dr,Culwick for visiting our blogg and we are anticipating on your visit. Please inform us on your propose date of arrival. regards

  6. Ernest Kolly says:

    Congratulation to the staff of SDTC – Kamaosi for linking up to the world with modern technology. This will no doubt be of great help to students doing their research and learning basic computing.

    A great achievement indeed.


  7. Duds (MOFT) says:

    Great leadership John Kabu, a milestone achivement for SDTC staffs and students

  8. lesley samie says:

    great achievement…excellent job done…congradulation tuti`s co….keep going J.Kabu….cheers to you

  9. …wish all the schools in the country is online. please, utilize this opportunity guys..

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