Principal’s Message


Welcome to the blogg of Sir Dudley Tuti College. Our school is one which provides a wide range of opportunities for the secondary education of young people. Its academic reputation in Isabel province and Solomon Islands is exceptionally good with emphasis being placed on each child’s personal best achievement being valued and recognised by our stakeholders. The highly professional staff create a caring, disciplined learning environment which recognises the individual learning needs of every student.

Sir Dudley Tuti College is one of Isabel’s premier co-educational from Kindergarten to Year 13 education. It is located in Isabel Province in the rural Solomon Islands. Our young people receive an outstanding educational experience in an environment that nutures self-awareness and personal growth, and is based on strong Christian values.

We enjoy a wonderful environment of expansive playing fields, natural tropical rainforest, and dilapidated infrastructures set in natural bush land. At the heart of our school is the Sir Dudley Tuti College family—the strong community that supports our students on their spiritual, social, cultural and academic journey.
Our blogg promotes the many opportunities that Sir Dudley Tuti College offers young people looking for a quality secondary education.

I invite you to join us and find out how Sir Dudley Tuti College can inspire your children to reach their full potential.

John Kabu
School Principal

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6 Responses to Principal’s Message

  1. Norman B Vavaha says:

    Wishing you all hard working teachers at SDTC a fruitful year 2013.

    God bless

  2. Charles Rouikera says:

    Congratulations John Kabu. Your school have set the right path in this technological age for your students to have access to the internet and most importantly as a source of accessing information to enhance their learning. Well done Principal.

    • Thanks for the compliment CR and Norman. We believe that we must adapt to the changing world and keep abreast, we hope by tapping this medium will enhance learning as you rightly said. All the best on your endeavours this year. Happy belated new year 2013 too. Cheers Charles….

      • Trevor says:

        Thumbs up! It is encouraging to see SDTC connecting through technology and i guess both staff n student can use this powerful tool to enhance learning.

  3. Rex says:

    Great and so happy to see our school go online for improve and better learning outcome for our students. May this development students centred, fruitful and regarding
    Cheers …. Rex

  4. Susanne Maezama says:

    Any 2014 posts on this page

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