Form 6 Results release

PSSC Final Results 2012 -Sir Dudley Tuti College[1]
We are so proud and humbled after a long wait to announce that our Form 6 results now finally released. And now available for your perusal.

The overall performance of the SDTC Form 6 students was very impressive and encouraging. 32 students have notched an aggregate of 16 and down which one could qualify for an entry to form 7. However 22 students have secured placement and 10 students were unfortunate.

It should be noted that we achieved these results despite the fact we have inadequate teaching resources,materials, delipadated buildings and other difficulties.

I would like to register my sincere thanks and appreciation to our students, staff, parents and supporters for your tiring efforts, support and assistance. To our critics, we thank you too..You have made a difference to Sir Dudley Tuti College.

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1 Response to Form 6 Results release

  1. P2 says:

    Congragulations to all the students, parents and staff for a job well done. I wish all the succesful F6 students a bright future. Please work more harder this year. Good luck!

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