Form 1 Genesis 2013

Front Row (R-L): Mary Leeroy, Alice Kohapi, Beglyn Linta, Matelda Riumeleha, Tania Alu, Elinda Kolly, Mary Kelan, Rebecca Iana, Philistus Apa.

Second Row (R-L): Michael Dino, Mores Sagevaka, Steven Talu, Philip Hou, Bridemos Sania, Stella Daisy, Janice Gasehara, Emmy Krai, Tracy Takodi, Cathy Loku, Michael Kenedy.

Back Row (R-L): Nathan Bako, Stowel Fika, Sundy Blessing, Oliver Virivolomo, Auther Grift, Michael Milton, Junior Devi Blessing, Patrick Kilo, Casper Wolford, Gordon Nunu, Adan Hiromae.

Form 1 G

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