Form 2 VEGA Class Photo

Form 2 VEGA

Front Row: Clifford Junior, Michael Tavasi, Samuel Manu, Solence Bako, Lovelyn Gregory, Rebecca Sally, Lindrea Presta, Jeremiah Hove, Don William.

Middle Row: Belinda Breda, Christina Gnokro, Margaret Semo, Everlyn Hoto, Edna Racheal, Clarence Lidi, Sally Alicia, Rylyn Vapuhi, Hellen Barret, Laventa Prince, Gridel Faith.

Back Row: Nelson Angoa, Jerol Tongasania, John Roxbi, Melan Analau, Chris Sade, Japhet Tototu, Alfred Keni, Greg Smith, Leonard Elo, Jullian Fafale, Hilson Standy, Leni Rose, Reginald Bule, Rodrick Clearance,

Missing Rence Reno.

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