My Family, my first school

Sir Dudley Tuti College,
Bugotu District,
Isabel Province.

11th May 2013.

Dear Granny,

It has been a warm and sunny day here at school, and since we have a task to do, am thinking of writing to you expressing my views on my chosen topic, “My family, my first school”.

Maybe some people say that parents do not have enough knowledge to teach their children what they need for life. However, as for me, I think that who else can be the best teachers if not parents because of a few reasons as follow.

First, parents teach children the most basic things, laying the foundation for them to grow well. It is parents but not anyone else who teach you how to speak, to walk as well as to behave in proper manners since your infancy. Furthermore, when your adolescence which is also known as “rebellious age” comes, parents help to positively direct your development way despite your possible negative response. These things seem very simple but they actually play an extreme important part in your life.

Second, children are subject to great influence from their parents. Meanwhile children only contact other teachers at school for short periods of time, they spend much more that with parents. Therefore, they are significantly affected by their parents. More or less, Life styles, habits, jobs and so on of parents are also transfered to their children. How parents live or work also comparably contributes to the formation of children’s personality because children often take their parents as examples to imitate. If parents’ behaviors are good, their kids will more probably become good people and vice versa. In short, it is impossible to deny the substantial influence of parents on children.

Last, nobody loves children so much as their parents do, therefore parents always wish the best things for them. At school, teachers may teach students just because that is their obligation and they are paid to do so. However, as to parents, they are kind to children for no reasons and if necessary, they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the happiness of their offspring. Parents’ love for children, thus, makes them teach their kids the best things.

All in all, as the most beloved people, parents completely have enough capacity to become the best teachers for children.

Until then Granny..”Boni Toke to you and mighty hug to Kuve, thanks for your time in reading this letter.

Yours beloved granddaughter,

Grace Milly.
Form 6 Soga – 2013

Ludz n nau..

Vuevugei Toke! Hamerane Keli! and Fugo Vehana Everyone!

I’m Moira Ludawane from Malaita Province and I’ve been in Sir Dudley Tuti College since January. I must say it’s a great place! Everybody here is so open and friendly. At Sir Dudley Tuti College everybody has tried to give me the best time possible, and when I needed help it was always given to me.

It is difficult to integrate into a new school and a new culture, but everybody at School has made me feel at home. Of course it is quite a big change, coming to a boarding school is something I didn’t know from my previous schools. Honestly I’m quite sad, that my school time here is almost over, the time went far too fast.

I still feel like I have just arrived and want to learn so much more about the “Gemas” and their culture. I am looking forward to some great trips with the other students this month and I’m sure that one day I’ll come back to Sir Dudley Tuti College because it was one of the best experiences I’ll probably ever get! Thank you Sir Dudley Tuti College!

Moira Ludawane
Form 6 Arts 2013.

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