Hello Everyone!

My name is Tracy Gagahe and I am honored and excited to be a student of the Sir Dudley Tuti College this year! I am in Form 4 Giano at the College . Although I hail from Suva Village (not in Fiji), Bugotu District, over the past years, I reside and live in Honiara. The Sir Dudley Tuti College has become my heart and my home.

During my time here I have thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in a wide array of College activities including Sporting, Social activities particularly cultural activities and hopefully the upcoming District Tour would be another “Boomer”.

As a student, We want to make the Sir Dudley Tuti College an effective, proactive School that reflects the desires and needs of our diverse student body. We want to make Sir Dudley Tuti College a college that we can all be proud of.

Tagio Hutu Puala
Tracy Gagahe

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