School Semester 2 Information.

To: All Parents, Guardians, Students, Teachers and Supporters,


May I take this opportunity on behalf of the Board of Management (BOM) and the School Administration, the member of staffs and students to publicly acknowledge our gratitude to our good parents, guardians and Supporters for your contributions and help given to SDTC on this Semester 1 of 2013.

On a personal note, the road Sir Dudley Tuti College has taken since January 2013 to date has not been easy and calm. However, as we determined to journey on from now and into the second semester exploring the unseen, let us re-examine, re-evaluate and look at what we achieved and experienced in the past 5 to 6 months. I believe this has been a rough, challenging, interesting and exciting road that has became part of Sir Dudley Tuti College history of which, BOM members, administrators, teachers, students and parents would love to know, value it and would laugh about it, if I may add.

This semester has been a rewarding, good and successful one for both Staff and students, regardless of the sizeable and intangible achievement we produce. As such, we hope to see that our unity, commitments and efforts will continue to grow and even stronger in Semester 2 and thereafter.

Be that as it may, I am profoundly honoured to inform our good parents, guardians and supporters the following important information, reminders and notices:


The College will start classes on July 15th 2013. Registration will be conducted on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th and classes will begin on Wednesday 17th July. Any further delay of classes will be made known to you through SIBC service message. All students are expected to be at the school by July 14th latest.


All Semester 1 outstanding school fees and Semester 2 Tuition and other contributions must be paid in full at the time of registration. Affected students have been issued a separate letter; please refer to the invoice letter for child’s/children’s outstanding fees. Students failing or having difficulties in paying their school fees will be sent home for two weeks to purposely to collect the dues or arrears. Should you wish to deposit directly into the College Bank Account. The details are as follows:

Bank: Bank of the South Pacific (BSP). Account Name: Sir Dudley Tuti College.
Account Number: 909270 0301.


I. School uniform – All students are required to be in their full uniform five days a week. Hence, all students are expected to bring two (2) sets of uniforms.

II. Bush Knives – It has been seen that many students in the school do not own or bring their bush knives. The school will impose a strict measure and will check students on the registration day on this requirement. It is a requirement and that all students must come to school with bush knives.

III. Eating Utensils (Cup, Plates, Spoon..etc.) – These Eating Utensils must be used during all meals times. Thus students are required to bring their own eating utensils; a random check will be made on Saturdays for these requirements.

IV. Melanesian Common Prayer book, Bible, Hymn Book, Homemade broom, Bedding – All students must have these school requirements. It has come to our notice that most students do not own these important requirements.


All examination classes must complete their examination fees by due date or before the examination. Examination fees for students and method of payments are as follows:

Form 6 Students E/Fee $918.00 – This will be deposited directly to Treasury Division, Ministry of Finance. See the Enquiry Officer at the MoF for assistance and direction. Please keep the Receipt and give one copy to your Tutor. The due date of this fee is at the end of July.

Form 5 Students E/Fee $30.00
Form 3 Students E/Fee $25.00 – These fees is paid directly at the Account Division in the Ministry of Education and send the copy of the receipt to the school bursar. Or you can also pay this fee at the school Office. This fee is due at the end of this month June.

The Semester 1 School Report will be available in July, hopefully you will be able to receive your child’s report in early July.

District/Group fundraisings are organized by various district/students groups during the Mid Term Break. The Tour basically to complete the Duplex Classroom and to assist District Bush Sections on their tools and other needs. The Students will be going out in excursion or touring villages or participate in organise forms of fundraiser as specified below:

 Zabana/Bugotu and Hograno SDTC Students – are going on “Village Tours” as of 16th June to July 6th , please Zabana, Hograno and Bugotu parents give your support and if you have already made a donation or support, please accept our thanks.

You can make a difference and help build our complete our “Duplex Classroom” and improve the students District/groups on these fundraisers. Every gifts counts and will contribute towards this two developments. Students who cannot participate or involve in their District/Group Fundraising for unforeseen circumstances, is hereby asked to pay $100.00 penalty fee.

I hope and pray that this information, notices and reminders reached you with sense of responsibility. It is our sincere believe that you will also inform others on this information.

Thank you for your understanding and your usual co-operation.

John Kabu
E-mail: or
Mobile: 677-7602260


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