Form 5 Class Photos


Hi friends good evening to one and all!.

I am Annie Sorumana, am in Form 5 Ramos. First of all when I entered in to the college, I felt very nervous after completing my first day one by one we have all become friends. And staff members are very close to us and they clarify every doubts without any hesitation for us.

I like this school because I can work at my own speed and is not too hard to find help. If I get stuck on a lesson, I can wait for teachers help or take as much time as I need to study and review the lesson. Sir Dudley Tuti College is a great school because I am always around teachers, friends and there aren’t people here that would hurt me.


I love being at a boarding school all the time and boarding experiences have helped me to be self-reliant, be responsible, independent and make me better. What I like most of all about this school is I have time with God and I can play all the music I want. I hope to finish this year with good grades and go on to form 6 next year.


Annie Sorumana.

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