Meet Mr. Peter Woha.

You walked in to Sir Dudley Tuti College now; you will meet a young teacher who carries a big smile, always around the school office and willing to help you out. You may wonder and mistake him from any teacher in Isabel as he is no difference to a typical “Isabelian” –  look, ways and behavior.

But, it is a worst assumption that may have for him. He is Peter Woha, who comes from Maniate Village in Wainoni District. Makira Ulawa Province.  Peter is doing his final year program at SINU – Diploma in English and Social Science.

Peter is an energetic young teacher who is here at Sir Dudley Tuti College to do his 6 weeks practicum. He feels that there is nowhere under the sun that he regrets choosing SDTC as his practicum school. He loves every single moment of his entire time here.

“People are so friendly and welcoming”, he said.

Asked about what he acquired in this practicum, he commented, “Some things simply must be experienced directly to achieve professional growth and personal fulfillment. There are plenty of examples in every aspect of life. The same thing can be said of information and wisdom. They’re not the same thing. Indeed, you can gain a great deal of knowledge from books and school. But certain lessons can only be learned one-on-one, through direct experience, or they won’t sink in”. Peter has certainly has learned something and get real experiences.


Peter plans is he would like to go out and face reality, put to test and enjoy the Teaching Profession before he goes back to Uni to do further studies.

The Staffs and Students at the College would like to wish him and three other SINU students all the best in their studies. Hope to see them next year coming back to teach at SDTC.

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