We invite graduates and ex-students of the College to contribute to this website. They can do so in these ways:

  • Sign the Guestbook
  • Leave a comment below
  • Send us an email (see contacts page) with your article (and pictures if you have any) and we will post if for you (include your name and location in the article)
  • To make regular contributions, email us and ask us to “invite you” to join the site. You will also need to0 create a valid WordPress account (free, sign up at You will then be able to log in and post articles, which will be checked by us first before publishing.
  • Comment on our posts!

2 Responses to Alumni

  1. Cuare San says:

    Hallo Kamaosi

  2. Margaret Moveni says:

    Hi,everyone. congratulations with great development done in the school. Mr. Tomlinson congratulation for taking up economics. Mr Vehu job well done for serving Tuti for the last decade.

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