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  1. Antoinette Wickham -EU RAMP Office Honiara says:

    This is wonderful to know that students can now see the world through this wonderful technology. Make use of it and learn as much. There is alot to read and digest. Congratulations!

  2. Norman B Vavaha says:

    Another milestone for a rural secondary school that can be linked to the rest of the world.
    Congragulations Sir Duddley Tuti College.

  3. P2 says:

    Hi , congragulations for a job well done in setting up this site. To all the staff and students, I hope that connecting to the outside world will broaden your skills and knowledge. I believe you will greatly benefit from this technology. Great pictures!
    Hey, would you please create an area where we as parents will view the 2013 school fees!
    By the way, how much is the F6 school fee for this year.
    Boni toke, Boni keli and reduvehana

  4. Desmond Waita says:

    Congratulations SDTC, great achivemet for the school.All the best for 2013. God bless!!!

  5. Ernest Kolly says:

    Congratulations to the staff & students of SDTC – Kamaosi for connecting up to the outside world. It is indeed another milestone to the development of SDTC and Isabel Province. This fine achievement will no doubt be of great help to assisting students doing their research and learning basic computing. BIG FALA TOK HAPI TRU.


    • Norman B Vavaha says:

      Yes bro, this is a fine achievement for the school and isabel province. Students will greatly enhanced their learning process in this environment.

      Grateful if you can allow the road project from your area to the school. Your influenece can make things possible!!

      • Ernest Kolly says:

        Bro Norman, I thought the road connection had already reached SDTC from Midoru and from my settlement. I gather from home that, students from home now go by truck to and from SDTC – Kamaosi. Gone were the days that they use sea transport. It also serves fuel for our people from Hograno. They can now use the road transport from Midoru to Kamaosi. The only issue would be the maintenance and upkeep of the road as it is only maintained when the logging company is around. I only hope, that IPG & SIG step in to further improve the road & bridges in the near future.

      • Dako Nating says:

        FYI-the logging access road hem stop nomoa within the logging concession area. Hem no kasem SDTC.

  6. Tess Newton Cain says:

    How exciting to see you online and blogging – a great opportunity for staff, students, parents and the community…best of luck for 2013 and beyond!!

    Tess Newton Cain, Port Vila, Vanuatu

  7. Bevan Authedi says:

    Just want to say “Congratulations” to our very own school and for all those who help make this milestone happen.

  8. emanta543 says:

    Its a good thing to prepare pupils even in isolated locations to utilise modern tech. equipment and familiarise themselves with how to link with the world through the internet.

  9. Sally Etherton says:

    I was a teacher at Allardyce from 1990-1993 with VSO. I thinks it’s fantastic that students and teachers can now access the internet from Santa Ysabel. It will really extend the students’ learning and the teachers’ skills. Perhaps they can establish educational links with schools around the world, such as here in the UK?
    Sally Etherton

    • John says:

      Sally, sounds exciting to establish a link with schools in UK. However, we need to search for schools contacts and start breaking the ice. In the meantime, would you help us suggest possible schools that we could establish a relationship with them? Thanks Sally for you comment and all the best…

  10. Joseph Neilsen says:

    congratulations to those who made it possible to have this wonderful technology in Sir Dudley Tuti College. It is a great privilige for the staff, students and the surrounding community to have such a rare access to this latest communication technology in a remote area. I wish everyone maximum benefit in the use of this internet service.

  11. P2 says:

    Hi all, just checking if the school will provide F7 this year. Heard that there was an issue with the results. Would you please give me a feed.

  12. Bishop Richard Naramana says:

    This is a great achievement. On behalf of the Diocese of Ysabel I would like to congratulate you all.

    I am now in Brisbane for a few weeks but I am still able to keep in touch. I do hope you can keep this site going and find useful things to do with it.

    It is my prayer that this site will continue to excel into the future.


    • Bishop Richard,

      Its indeed overwhelming and encouraging to read a complimentary comment from person of your caliber.

      Thank you indeed and the staff and students wish you an early recovery and anticipating on your arrival home soon.


  13. Father George Bugoro says:

    I am here with Bishop Richard in Brisbane and thank you for your response. We look forward to being back in Honiara about the middle of March.

    I am also very pleased to learn that the college now has it’s own webpage. Congratulations on this.

    Father George Bugoro

  14. Nigel Sandy says:

    Congratulations SDTC on your Historical Achievement. with this Website i and many others now have an endless supply of information about the ongoing happenings in the school. A big Thumbs up to RAMP for the Initiative. To the staff and students please make use of the internet to move the school forward.

  15. Cuare San says:

    Big Times, Kamaosi – great times…you’ve done well…proud days!

  16. Susanne Maezama says:

    Hello to everyone,
    It has been wonderful to be able to read your stories and to learn of these new developments. Thumps up and keep the stories going….Dotho…

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